Sarah Longshore
Exercise Physiologist * Entrepreneur * Life Coach * Personal Trainier  
CrossFit Coach * Fitness Model * Motivational Speaker * Les Mill Instructor Gym Management and Consulting
There is an EMPIRE on the horizon.  It's the new sensation in the industry.  Passion, Hard work, and Enthusiasm have contributed to the recognition of Sarah Longshore in the fitness industry.  She was recognized in 2012 as one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs in the Fitness Industry.  Sarah has been involved in athletics and fitness all of her life, beginning at age 4.  She began her career with American Club Systems.  She has over 14 years experience in ownership and management of the most profitable fitness centers around the globe.  With charisma and excitement for life, the excitement in Sarah's voice leaves no questions of how she has been successful.  "I have always been passionate about working out.  I love to push myself and others to goals and place they never thought they could go.  My motivation?  I have always been a hard worker.  It is our responsibility to educate and motivate everyone around us."  

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